D&D 5th Edition Player Name Tents (Fillable PDF)


Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Player Name Tents (Fillable)

Because we run groups with lots of new players, I wanted to make fancy name tents for the players at the table.  I based the design of the front on the Adventurer’s League Name Tents, and included some useful information on the back side for the players.  These are small, about 2 inches tall when folded, and almost 8 inches wide.  The text on the charts is small, but still readable as a quick reference for new players.

I made them short so that a single strip of Clear Packing Tape could cover each side, allowing for added durability, and so that I could have a set that players could write in Dry-Erase Marker on.

I made the PDF fillable, so that you could fill them and print for established groups also.


  • Grab the Fillable PDF: Player Name Tents
  • Fill in the text fields if desired.
  • Print
  • Apply Clear Packing Tape or Page Laminate to Page to add durability or allow for Dry-Erase if so desired. (Be careful to apply it smooth – you can see the wrinkles in my picture!)
  • Cut out and fold in half
  • Provide to your players

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