DIY Custom D&D 5th Edition DM Screen


My Custom 5th Edition Dungeon Master Screen

Recently, some of my Coworkers and I formed a D&D group at work to run games during lunch.  I only had a 4th Edition DM Screen on hand, and I decided not to purchase the 5th Edition Screen after seeing how little information it had.  So I scoured the internet for custom screens, and decided to use Photoshop to create my own.  With some help on content from my buddy Sean O’Neill, the Custom DM Screen was born!

What I used:

I simply printed my PDF onto the Shipping Labels.  I had to slightly trim them to fit the DM Screen, as it is smaller than 8.5 x 11.  I carefully aligned the labels onto each section, and then used a rolling pin to securely seal them down and TADA!

*If you would like to make your own tables, I used Powerpoint to create the tables.  The font is Scala Sans Caps.  I’ve attached the powerpoint below.  I printed the powerpoint as PDF, opened in Photoshop and removed the white background, then copied the charts into their own layers in my DM Screen file and arranged them.



11 thoughts on “DIY Custom D&D 5th Edition DM Screen

    1. I printed mine onto shipping labels. I already had a 4th Edition DM Screen, so I applied my labels right over the top of the old DM Screen. If I were to make one from scratch, I would get a thin Artboard or Foamboard from a craft store (The artboard is very durable!), cut out my panels, cover the edges with a cool tape. Then I would join the panels with probably some Duct Tape, and cover the Duct Tape with a Cloth Tape for Durability and Appearance. Find some cool full page images to print out on labels for the front, apply the DM Screen tables, and Tada! Possibly spray it down with some Matte varnish spray to add durability…..


  1. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing this! I saw it in one of the Facebook groups this morning and have spent the entire day *finally* making a custom screen that works for me!



  2. Stumbled upon this. Lovely screen you’ve made for yourself there.
    Just noticed one thing in your sheets. Finesse is referred to in the rules of the phb as: “For attacks with melee weapons, use your Strength modifier for attack and damage rolls. A weapon that has the finesse property, such as a rapier, can use your Dexterity modifier instead.”
    So a finesse weapon is strength OR dexterity. But if you’ve ruled it in another way then that’s fine. Just wanted to point it out. Again, love your screen.


  3. Simply fantastic! I just got nominated to DM a group of my coworkers and realized that in addition to never DM’ing before, I totally needed this info arranged logically and cleanly. Thank you so much for sharing!


  4. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been looking for a good template for quite some time now. Looks perfect on my DIY wooden DM screen. Though I had to rearrange it a bit, because I wanted to use portrait instead of landscape.


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