Kuman TouchScreen Raspberry Pi 3 Installation

I recently purchased a 3.2″ Touchscreen for one of my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B boards.  I didn’t want to use the manufacturer’s outdated customized Kernel Image, and the information on Amazon was lacking, at best.  Here’s what I did to get it running.

This will work with Raspbian and Ubuntu Mate.

Touchscreen I purchased.

  1. Login to your Pi (SSH recommended.)
  2. Run “wget http://www.waveshare.com/w/upload/3/3d/LCD-show-160811.tar.gz”
  3. Extract the file: “tar xvf LCD-show-160811.tar.gz”
  4. Run “cd LCD-show/”
  5. Run “sudo ./LCD4-show”
  6. Your Pi should reboot and the touchscreen should now function.
  7. Login to your Pi
  8. Run “sudo apt-get install -y xinput-calibrator”
  9. Run “sudo DISPLAY=0.0 xinput_calibrator”
  10. Use your stylus to touch the 4 points for calibration
  11. Note the information on the line that says “setting new calibration data: 1234 123 123 1234”
  12. Run “sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-calibration.conf”
  13. Update your calibration data by changing the line below to have the new values:
    1. Option “Calibration” “1234 123 123 1234”
  14. Press “CTRL+X” to exit.  Choose “Y” to overwrite the file.
  15. Run “sudo reboot” to reboot your Pi
  16. Your touchscreen is now functioning and calibrated!!



9 thoughts on “Kuman TouchScreen Raspberry Pi 3 Installation

  1. Line #5, Run “sudo ./LCD4-show 3”, should instead be just “sudo ./LCD4-show”
    The optional argument is to specify screen rotation degrees, and can (only) be 0, 90,180,or 360.

    That said, this post was very helpful as I wrestled with getting this screen set up. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve tried this a couple of times on Raspbian and keep getting kernel panic (179,2). Tried LCD4 and LCD35 for step 5, but no joy. Any thoughts?


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